Kid-friendly wedding at Gardens At Old Town

August 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

SolisWed-1001SolisWed-1001 What I love about this couple is how they draw out the absolute best in one another.  Jessica is a calm, quiet spirit who lights up as soon as she sees her groom, Jaime.  Jaime is full of life and has a rambunctious nature, which can only be tamed by Jessica.  I enjoyed getting to know them during their engagement session, but I feel I really got to know them from their amazing families at their wedding.  Jessica's family spent a good part of the morning decorating their reception at Gardens At Old Town Helotes, where the bride got ready.  As the last couple to get married in their circle of friends, they were intent on making their reception as kid-friendly as possible, including getting a batman-themed bouncy house, bubble machine and beach balls to play on the lawn, and hiring babysitters for the parent's peace of mind.  Before the celebration they got married at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church.  

SolisWed-1003SolisWed-1003 SolisWed-1049SolisWed-1049

Suzy from Mistique Makeup, got the girls ready in a flash!  She specializes in airbrush makeup to help it last all night.  

SolisWed-1082SolisWed-1082 SolisWed-1089SolisWed-1089 SolisWed-1103SolisWed-1103 SolisWed-1114SolisWed-1114 SolisWed-1130SolisWed-1130 SolisWed-1158SolisWed-1158 SolisWed-1161SolisWed-1161 SolisWed-1168SolisWed-1168
SolisWed-1228SolisWed-1228 SolisWed-1234SolisWed-1234 SolisWed-1249SolisWed-1249 SolisWed-1253SolisWed-1253 SolisWed-1257SolisWed-1257 SolisWed-1260SolisWed-1260 SolisWed-1288SolisWed-1288 SolisWed-1323SolisWed-1323 SolisWed-1335SolisWed-1335 SolisWed-1348SolisWed-1348 SolisWed-1356SolisWed-1356 SolisWed-1369SolisWed-1369 SolisWed-1397SolisWed-1397 SolisWed-1411SolisWed-1411
SolisWed-1439SolisWed-1439 SolisWed-1443SolisWed-1443 SolisWed-1520SolisWed-1520 SolisWed-1564SolisWed-1564 SolisWed-1570SolisWed-1570 SolisWed-1572SolisWed-1572 SolisWed-1575SolisWed-1575

What to do with your engagement photos?  Let your guests admire them as they sign your Engagement Guest Book.  Then you can read their well wishes when reminiscing through your engagement photos as well!


SolisWed-1584SolisWed-1584 SolisWed-1585SolisWed-1585 SolisWed-1610SolisWed-1610 SolisWed-1624SolisWed-1624 SolisWed-1638SolisWed-1638 SolisWed-1641SolisWed-1641 SolisWed-1647SolisWed-1647 SolisWed-1658SolisWed-1658 SolisWed-1679SolisWed-1679 SolisWed-1683SolisWed-1683 SolisWed-1690SolisWed-1690 SolisWed-1755SolisWed-1755 SolisWed-1781SolisWed-1781 SolisWed-1817SolisWed-1817 SolisWed-1887SolisWed-1887 SolisWed-1890SolisWed-1890 SolisWed-1928SolisWed-1928 SolisWed-1931SolisWed-1931 SolisWed-1954SolisWed-1954 SolisWed-1966SolisWed-1966 SolisWed-1974SolisWed-1974 SolisWed-1978SolisWed-1978

The luckiest children in San Antonio were invited to this wedding!  Lawn games, bubbles, glow sticks, a bouncy house and cake!  


SolisWed-1990SolisWed-1990 SolisWed-2037SolisWed-2037 SolisWed-2050SolisWed-2050 SolisWed-2086SolisWed-2086 SolisWed-2097SolisWed-2097 SolisWed-2106SolisWed-2106 SolisWed-2126SolisWed-2126 SolisWed-2169SolisWed-2169 SolisWed-2184SolisWed-2184

The groom surprised his grandmother with an honorary dance.  I'm sure she was delighted!  She danced all night!


SolisWed-2204SolisWed-2204 SolisWed-2215SolisWed-2215 SolisWed-2219SolisWed-2219

I especially love that this baby-wearing couple were the first ones on the dance floor.

SolisWed-2280SolisWed-2280 SolisWed-2329SolisWed-2329 SolisWed-2344SolisWed-2344 SolisWed-2347SolisWed-2347 SolisWed-2376SolisWed-2376

One Sound DJ Productions kept the party going all night!  

SolisWed-2405SolisWed-2405 SolisWed-2420SolisWed-2420 SolisWed-2430SolisWed-2430 SolisWed-2491SolisWed-2491 SolisWed-2509SolisWed-2509 SolisWed-2512SolisWed-2512 SolisWed-2568SolisWed-2568 SolisWed-2622SolisWed-2622 SolisWed-2626SolisWed-2626 SolisWed-2661SolisWed-2661 SolisWed-2684SolisWed-2684 SolisWed-2687SolisWed-2687

Congratulations to Jaime and Jessica Solis!  Leave them some well wishes below!




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