Boudoir Photoshoots



Session Fee  $399

2 hour shoot

In Studio or location of your choice

1 - 11x14 print


YOU BRING: wardrobe and props


Add Little Black Book - $499

8x8 Black Leather Book 

10 Spreads - Up to 25 images


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The Experience

This is meant to be a fun experience.  I want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera, safe through the lens.  If you've ever experienced a photoshoot with me, you know that I am always looking out for my client to feel beautiful, to put them in the best light and bring forth that inner beauty.  Call me today to 

discuss your vision for how you want to be photographed.   - Sonia Freeman, photographer


Are you celebrating a special occasion, wedding, anniversary, birthday?  Sometimes it helps to focus on our own self care.  Having a professional hair and makeup session enhances how we feel, gives us a moment to breath and enhance our beauty.  We highly recommend a hair and makeup session with any of these professionals.  They will also go on location to do touch ups and rework styles for wardrobe.  

Artistee Lane

Contact: Monica Martinez


Pineapple House Platforms

Contact: Stephanie Eiland








After the shoot

After your photoshoot we will meet virtually to view your edited photos and select your favorite for an 11x14 print and any additional selections for artwork.  These photos are not meant to fade away on your phone or a usb.  Creating images such as this leads to beautiful artwork for you to keep for a lifetime.  Do this for yourself, not just you partner.  

Get in touch with me to discuss your boudoir photoshoot, and what you envision for these photographs.  I want to plan an experience unique as you.