Fall Wedding at Paniolo Ranch with Cy and Alyson

November 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It is so wonderful when you can really feel the personalities of the couple in the style, feel and ambience of their wedding day.  Cy and Alyson chose the Central Texas Bed and Breakfast and wedding venue, Paniolo Ranch as the perfect location for their outdoor ceremony.  The bridal suite alone, which overlooks the rolling hills of the cattle-lined ranch is such a fabulous reason to get married there.  The couple are major foodies and decided to have their favorite Food Truck cater the wedding dinner as well as a salsa bar for their guests to munch as they danced the night away.  I love that the resident cat weaved her way in and out of the rock benches during their ceremony.  As Alyson walked down the aisle she exclaimed how happy she was to have her closest friends and family around her during this special moment.  Congratulations to Cy and Alyson!  Leave them some love below in the comments!!!

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