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Top 5 Reasons to make sure you get a wedding album


This year I've made some changes to my wedding photography packages to ensure I am able to offer my couples a complete wedding day experience.  In addition to an engagement session, every wedding photography package I offer includes a 10x10 - 30 page wedding album.  Below are some of my reasons why I really wanted to make this happen for my brides and grooms in 2015.

1.  This is a family heirloom item. 

Your wedding photography tells the story of the history of your new family.  Two families came together to create this brand new family on a carefully planned out beautiful day.  All of this should be featured in a gorgeous album, layed out in a storytelling format.  This is something your children and generations thereafter will refer back to when learning about themselves and their family history.


2.  If you don't plan for this now, you may not get around to it.

I know from experience, and from the experience of my friends, after your wedding time goes SUPER FAST!  You're whisked away to your honeymoon, start buying a house or renovating the one you're currently in to make room for all of your wedding presents, you have kids, and before you know it, it's been 5 years and you never stopped to do anything with your wedding pictures.  You think, "I know I copied them to that laptop that I used 5 years ago, but I no longer touch because I'm always on my tablet now..."  If designing your wedding album is the next thing for me to check off the list after your wedding day, I will ensure it gets done and you will have your wedding album well before you celebrate your 1 year anniversary.  

3.  Digitals are great for Facebook, but they'll be obsolete in 5 years.

Included with all my wedding packages are your digital negatives, and I encourage my clients to back up their files to multiple locations to ensure they are protected for the long term.  However, we all know that technology evolves at a rapid rate.  It's important to have a hard copy in addition to your digital negatives should the worst ever happen.  Additionally, you can't enjoy looking at a CD, but you can curl up on the sofa with your wedding album and reminisce.  

4.  I make it so easy for you.  

After your wedding day, you will receive a link to your online gallery.  As you go through your gallery, you have the option to select your favorites and send to me.  This tells me these are definitely the images you would like in custom designed wall art or an album.  I will present all your options for your wedding album and propose layouts.  You will have the final say in how your album is designed before I place the order.  I make it so easy and simple for my clients, that turnaround time for an album averages about 2 weeks if not faster.  

5.  Let your wedding day shine on forever.

Aside from wall art, an album is the best way to share and preserve your wedding photography.  It can live on your coffee table or display case as an accessible piece of art for you to cherish.  The Miller's Lab produces beautiful, well made albums with so many options, made to last 200 years.  I'm so excited to offer these albums in all of my wedding collections.


If you would like to learn more about your wedding photography and album, please contact me.  I'd love to hear what you envision for your wedding day!







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